1. POPsessions: ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’s 19-Year-Old Oscar Contender, Adele Exarchopoulos

    1. What was the first movie you saw?
    I suppose it was “Robin Hood” and I loved it. I loved the fact that that it was an animation but I loved the fact that there was a moral about friendship, love, family that was naive but cool.

    2. What movie makes you cry?
    “Titantic” “Boys Don’t Cry” “American History X.” In “Titantic” the love story, even if you know he’s going to die, every time it makes me cry. The concentrated love and they just met and experience this big change in a small time.

    3. Who is the movie character you wish you could be?
    Susan Sarandon in “Thelma and Louise.”

    4. What do you eat/drink while watching a movie in the theater?
    So many bad things. Chocolate. Soda or tea, it depends on the time and my state.

    5. What’s the TV show you never miss?
    I love “Breaking Bad.” The best ever. No one can do better than this for me. It’s like you know when you have a good meal, it’s the perfect dessert.

    6. What TV show would you like to live in? No, none.

    7. Who is your TV crush? Jesse on “Breaking Bad.” Or Walter. I think he could be a good father. A gangster one, but a good one too.

    8. What TV theme song do you still remember the words to? I don’t remember one.

    9. What’s the guiltiest pleasure currently on your DVR? I’m ashamed, but I think it’s a cartoon, or like a TV reality show where you are watching a stupid family and stupid things happening, but because it allows you not to have to really think. You just watch it with a little distance and it’s funny.

    10. What is your karaoke song? I’m really bad at karaoke.

    11. What is your favorite album? I have some times when I’ll latch on to an album or song and listen to it on repeat. I love John Legend, the song in “Django” and the music in “Gatsby.”

    12. What was your first concert? Black Eyed Peas. It was cool, everyone was dancing and drinking.

    13. What song was playing during your first kiss? In movies there is a song playing during the first kiss but in real life you are at school or on the bus, or in the bathroom.

    14. What website do you visit when no one is watching? Shopping. ASOS.com.

    15. What phone app do you use the most? Instagram.

    16. Who is your favorite Tweeter? I don’t go on Twitter. When you start, you begin to watch everything people said and you begin to spend two hours on one sentence and it’s not good. You live the life of people and I prefer to live my own.

    17. What article of clothing can you not live without? I think all girls love to have big closets full of lots of clothes, but then their favorite [is a] pair of black pants with boots.

    18. What was on your favorite t-shirt growing up?None.

    19. Did you have a poster of a celeb on your wall as a kid/teen? I’m not a poster girl.

    20. Have you ever dressed as a celeb for Halloween? This year I wanted to wear the Walter White costume when he was making meth, but I didn’t have time.


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