1. I grew up with my character and I discovered how fragile I can be. So, yeah, I learned a lot about my emotions, my work ethic, and how far I’m willing to go. It was taxing and overwhelming, but I loved it.

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    Midnight in Paris (2011)
    dir: Woody Allen

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    Cover Series - Léa Seydoux for Madame Figaro, 2011

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  5. Taylor Schilling - interview

  6. OITNB - interview

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  10. Taylor Schilling

  12. @lauraprepon Abt to head out for pre-Emmy night! Thank u @jonathan_colombini for my awesome hairdo and @simonGjewelry for my bling

  14. @lauraprepon - Thank you to my glam squad for getting me ready for pre-EMMY weekend! @jonathan_colombini @spencerbarnesla #OITNB #12noms #emmys #alexvause